Tomato paste is a pantry staple, but what is tomato paste used for?

Tomato paste is concentrated tomatoes without the seeds and skin. It provides a depth of flavor to recipes like sauces, soups, and stews.

You can turn tomato paste into pasta sauce.

Or make Penne with Vegan Vodka Sauce.

Or a creamy cherry tomato sauce with spaghetti.

Tomato paste also adds extra umami flavor to soups like Greek Lentil Soup.

And Vegan Lasagna Soup.

Plus Vegan Tortilla Soup loaded with beans, corn, and tomatoes.

Tomato Paste is also incredible in stews like this Spanish Chickpea Stew.

And slow-cooked mushroom and smoked tofu Bourguignon.

And easy weeknight veggie curries.